A Peak Behind the Photographer’s Curtain

Like many start-ups and rapid-expanders, sourcing quality photography for your new website can be an issue. Many times, we rely on the perfect photo to grab the attention of our visitors, and when you’re an innovator who’s just getting started… how do you get the photos?

Our client developed an application that enhances the color and durability of concrete pavers (must be applied to the wet paver mix) and contracted us to build a fresh company website featuring their new product line.

With a product like this, you need demo photos to get sales. Studio shots provide great color, texture, and detail – but buyers want to see a finished product before they’re confident in making the choice.

Day 1:

The client provided us with a limited number of pavers in a variety of sizes and colors. The plan, create a series of faux sets which, when viewed without the framing of a camera, were far from what they appeared.pavers

Set #1
Remember, they don’t look like much without the proper framing.

With a lot of skill and little bit of patience for lighting, we get our first completed photograph.

Set #2
Same theory – everything outside of the frame is our little secret. Until we blog about it.

Set #3
Though we are shooting everything in one North Carolina location, we don’t want the viewer to get that impression. We incorporate more tropical plants and bright red mulch to give this set a unique, yet still uniform appeal.

Day 2

We’re at it early to catch the light and this little guy was right where we needed to work.

Set #4
While waiting for the light on day 1, we prepared two locations for today. The light was perfect, the smokey mountains fulfilled their promise and gave us the best, most naturally diffused light you could ask for on this shot.

Set #5
Again, lighting is everything…

Set #6
This was the big one. It took most of the day to build this 12′ x 8′ patio set, but what a fantastic outcome.



At last, the feature of our client’s new website.


check it out live at www.acmchecm.com