Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between the high-dollar design firm who delivers quality products but breaks your
budget & the under-prepared freelancer who provides a poor product at a steep discount.

When we’re not sub-contracting for those high dollar firms, 
we’re producing the same product for businesses just like yours.
Alexandru Doda Alexandru Doda Chief Information Officer London, UK

Early on, Alex found his niche in high-end WordPress work. We noticed his talent the moment we started our first project together - he’s got a mind for seeing how the user will want things to work and consistently impresses us with his ideas and solutions. He’s also European, so naturally he’s very hip and has a keen eye for design… It’s nice knowing his design punch-lists will always be short.

Alexandru Doda Barn API Architect & Drupal Developer Nashville, TN

Barn is an old friend from childhood. He always had a knack for computers, and early on in his career he landed development projects for national brands such as Golf.com & Muzuno. These days he manages a crew in Nashville, Tennessee and we collaborate whenever the project requirements fit his skill set.

Alexandru Doda Spyros WordPress Developer Thessaloniki, GR

We’d been hoping to find someone like Spyros for a long time. He’s our Swiss Army knife - a prolific WordPress and plugin developer, with extensive knowledge in system administration and server security/hardening. It also helps that he doesn’t seem to ever sleep.

Alexandru Doda Josh Wellman Founder Atlanta, GA

Josh discovered his path in high school, as the editor and layout designer of his school newspaper. He started as a designer with a print advertising boutique, there he built a solid understanding of the variety of professional printing techniques and design requirements. He continued as a designer, as well as a marketing coordinator, for an IT firm and then as a marketing manager and designer for a church. At Beardo, Josh oversees all of our creative direction and still produces the majority of our website and branding designs.

Alexandru Doda Nate Marcarelli Founder Atlanta, GA

Nate entered the market at a young age with a formidable understanding of web architecture. He started his first company building websites, outsourcing the majority of his development while project managing web builds with both large and small budgets. Now with Beardo, Nate brings his experience from managing a wide variety of projects and his mastery of managing developers, overseeing the majority of the “code-related” stuff we have to do.

Alexandru Doda John Kepchar Photographer Asheville, NC

John came along shortly after completing his photography degree and quickly proved he’s a highly-talented and skilled photographer. Whether in his studio or on location, John is a positive and creative thinker who routinely delivers the “magazine quality” photography that we expect for our clients.

Alexandru Doda Zach Sr. WordPress Developer London, UK

Zach has always impressed us with his mind for sizable and complicated projects. He has an aptitude for seeing all of the moving parts, and how they’ll fit together, before he ever starts coding. He’s a strong strategist and planner - when we need to reinvent the wheel, or invent something completely new, he’s the guy we want engineering the project.

Alexandru Doda Erin Php Developer Antigua, GT

Erin was Josh’s go-to developer before the days of Beardo, and continues to be a huge asset. We consistently rely on his ability to step in and diagnose/fix any issues that we might encounter. This is the guy you want disarming a bomb - he’s fearless and will approach any problem, he’s meticulous, and no matter how much we stress out and remind him of the ticking clock, he’s as chilled-out as they come.

A Lawrenceville based marketing company that specializes in web design, web development, print marketing & search engine optimization. We aren’t sitting in one town, in one state – We’re a team of motivated, high-achieving individuals living all over the world, interacting in our own cities. How does this help you?

  • This diversity cultivates creativity & provides a deeper think-tank.
  • The omission of the standard “office building” & corporate culture is how we deliver a one of a kind product that always exceeds expectations
  • The oversight of experienced business professionals is how our clients get the professionalism they deserve and results they need.