Beardo is a Client-Approved Web Designer!

In today’s marketplace, having a good website is a necessity. Even if your business doesn’t sell anything online, your site is often the first place that prospective customers learn about your company. Making a positive digital impression is critical to longevity; otherwise, customers will find your competitor’s better website and give their business to them.

Many of our clients initially come to us because their site is, indeed, not as good as their competitor’s. Also, with technology advancing at the rate that it is, a website that was state-of-the-art just 5 years ago is now outdated and overly complex.

Fear not — Beardo is here to help. Since 2012, we’ve built game-changing websites. We help each and every one of our clients identify their unique goals, and we make those our primary focus as we build custom, strategically-designed, and user-friendly websites. We don’t just create an attractive website that will lose its appeal in a few years — we deliver a valuable, long-term asset to your business.

But we’ll stop going on about ourselves and let our clients do the talking. We often point potential buyers to our Clutch profile, since we know honest client feedback and completed business projects are what they want to see. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that creates lists of top service providers based on client feedback, and we’re proud to be listed among the top design experts!

One of our recent reviews came from an online marketplace for beekeeping supplies (which just goes to show you how diverse our client range is!). Their website would malfunction when up to 50 people visited the site, or when just 30 users were trying to place orders. This was obviously a problem, and they came to us to fix it.

When they initially approached us, their business was ‘in season,’ so we did a quick fix that allowed more than 100 people to use the site at once. Then, during their off season, we overhauled the entire site and executed a new architecture and design. We continue to help with server speed and site updates, and we also help them with their WooCommerce site.

The client reports “100% positive feedback” from users regarding the site’s design. They say that page views have gone up while their bounce rate has declined.

They also appreciate our ability to not only meet deadlines but often exceed them. We’re thankful for the 5-star ratings they left us, and we look forward to our ongoing work with them!

Another 5-star review came from Swell Studios, a marketing agency that hired us to design and develop a WordPress site for their client. We worked in Elementor to build the platform, integrating a video player and optimizing the site for mobile and tablets. We continue to maintain the site.

“The site works great on mobile and tablet and loads quickly. It sets them apart from any competitors.” — Owner, Swell Studios

The end client is also pleased with the site. Swell Studios reports that we execute a ‘seamless process,’ which makes the collaboration effortless. Once again, the client commends our ability to outpace time estimates.

The benefits of hiring us are also exemplified on The Manifest, Clutch’s partner site and a business resource that lists us as a top web design agency in Atlanta! Besides web design, we offer a slew of other services. Contact us today to find out why we’re the full-service digital agency for your business needs — and if you’re ready to get a quote, fill out a new project survey.