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A Peak Behind the Photographer’s Curtain

Like many start-ups and rapid-expanders, sourcing quality photography for your new website can be an issue. Many times, we rely on the perfect photo to grab the attention of our visitors, and when you’re an innovator who’s just getting started… how do you get the photos? Our client developed an application that enhances the color and durability of concrete…

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Featuring Bones Framework

Frameworks for WordPress are often overwhelming. Frameworks are complicated and time-consuming and often require a steep learning curve. Bones is categorized as a bare bones theme utilized to get WordPress functional as quickly as possible. Simple to Use One of the main benefits of Bones is it’s completely free. Setup is quick and easy and…

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WooCommerce VS Magento

When considering self-hosting shopping cart options for your virtual store, the two most likely options to come up are WooCommerce and Magento. When looking for an easy to use interface with the perfect model for small business owners, then WooCommerce is the ideal choice. System Features and Requirements WooCommerce and Magento have several similarities: both…

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