Featuring Bones Framework

Frameworks for WordPress are often overwhelming. Frameworks are complicated and time-consuming and often require a steep learning curve. Bones is categorized as a bare bones theme utilized to get WordPress functional as quickly as possible.

Simple to Use

One of the main benefits of Bones is it’s completely free. Setup is quick and easy and you’ll have access immediately. Once the theme is downloaded and the zip drive unpacked, you’ll be able to begin working in the interface once you set Bones as the theme in the administrator panel of WordPress.

To get started, Bones will give you a basic layout to use. This is preferable to many WordPress starter themes that give you next to nothing to work with. Bones will look more like a style sheet than other themes. You’ll keep what you want and get rid of the features you don’t need.

Bones is headache free as well since the code has already been optimized. The developers of Bones believe in a mobile first approach to ensure websites work perfectly across all browser types and versions. Bones is also loaded with documentation to help users understand fully what each selector does.

Speed and Easy Customization

With Bones using a mobile platform initially, it saves bandwidth while developing a site. This speeds up load times as well when the site goes live. Speed is also increased because Bones eliminates a lot of the excess features WordPress puts in the header.

Instead of developers getting leaden down with complex code work, they can deliver results to clients in record turnaround times. Bones comes bundled with Sass and LESS. This means the programming language is minimal to keep code simple. When developing a site, simpler is always better since it means fewer places errors and bugs can hide.

The theme comes with the ability to support custom menus and backgrounds along with a default widget section. There are placeholder files to develop Custom Post Types. Bones provides examples to assist in the application of Custom Post Types. Bones has been developed in a smart way and organizes the layout in a clean and efficient manner.

Bones is ideal for developers working on a per project basis and who want to build a responsive WordPress site without having to wade through complex code. Bones is not a child’s theme and since it’s not a framework, there are no worries about it becoming obsolete due to future updates.