our process

discovery & planning

We begin by getting further acquainted with your business, goals, and needs as they pertain to your new website. We'll research your competition and other websites with similar functionality for inspiration on what to do, and what not to do

stylistic direction / homepage concept delivery

This is where things start to get fun - we'll take what we've learned in discovery and develop a homepage concept for your review. With this homepage, we're also able to give you an idea of what the rest of the site will generally look like from a visual perspective. 

We'll bounce a few revisions back and forth as we get feedback, and once you're completely satisfied we get "design direction approval" - meaning you have approved the overall stylistic direction to be used moving forward.

all remaining pages produced & approved

This is typically the longest phase of the project. Our scope of work clearly defines all of the unique pages and page templates we are contracted to build and during this phase we build them - delivering each page as they are completed. 

We'll request feedback and/or approval on each page, and make any tweaks necessary until everything is satisfactory.

full site walkthru & punch list

We'll present you with a fully functional site, ready for your team to click-through and scrutinize all functionality (designs have already been approved at this point). Once it's compiled, our team will address each of the items in your punch list.

final site walkthru / approval / public launch

Once the site has been checked thoroughly and has final approval, we'll launch your website on your public domain, to the hosting provider of your choosing. 

ongoing maintenance, security & hosting 

Every website must be hosted on a public server and requires monthly security/maintenance measures to be taken in order to comply with best practices. We offer a competitively priced plan that addresses all of these needs, but you are welcome to contract anyone to manage these updates or manage them yourself if you like.