Positively Pools

custom-built wordpress website

Customer Testimonial

“I came to Beardo Marketing Group with an existing website that I wanted refined and sharp. I didn’t have a lot of specific ideas or tech knowledge to give them; just a “look” and “tone’ I was going for. Nate and the guys were extremely welcoming and disarming where most tech experts I’ve dealt with enjoy showing off their knowledge and can’t help but condescend. I was allowed to direct and riff my perspective and criticism. I always felt like they were working very hard to impress me. Their response was always immediate. I am very happy with my final product and with the follow up they offer in education or changes. Not only did it turn out technically great, but their design ideas nailed it. And price? Competitive. I paid less than I probably should have for such a great product and overall treatment.”

- Robert, Positively Pools